My Easy Oscar Party Ideas in PEOPLE Magazine!

Hey Ya’ll,

Are you getting excited for The Oscars this weekend? I absolutely love awards season because it combines two of my favorite things: parties and films! In fact, I created a festive party spread inspired by this year’s ‘Best Picture’ nominees that’s currently being featured in PEOPLE magazine. Check it out…

Here’s a quick rundown of the menu items I selected to represent each movie:

War Horse – Carrots with White bean and Tarragon Dip! An ode to the nominee’s four-legged star!

Midnight in Paris – Vegetable Quiche. A chic and tasty nod to the City of Light.

Tree of Life – Pulled pork BBQ sliders, yum! Serve these mini-sandwiches in honor of the movie’s setting and my home state, Texas!

The Descendants – Serve pineapple chunks on toothpicks because nothing captures island lifestyle more than fresh fruit!

The Help – This was an easy pick: chocolate pie a.k.a. Minny’s specialty—minus the secret ingredient!

The Artist – Sugar cookies glazed with black and white frosting in homage to old silent films.

Moneyball – Cracker Jacks are a ballpark classic, throw some in a bowl and feel free to jazz it up by tossing in extra ingredients (Try: chocolate!).

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – Mini soft pretzels perfectly capture the vendor style foods that line the streets of NYC.

As far as party favors go, send everyone home with a delicious mini-croissants in honor of HUGO. You can also hand out ballots to your guests so that everyone can predict the winners, then, hand out mini-Oscar replicas (try local party store or buy them HERE online) to your party’s winners!

Good luck to all the nominees and to any of you hosting an Ocsar party this year! I hope my tips help you create an extraordinary experience!

15 thoughts on “My Easy Oscar Party Ideas in PEOPLE Magazine!

  1. Brian! These are fantastic; I love all the ideas you presented here! You are so talented and creative, I want you to know you are appreciated for your ideas and time to do this. I love the “nod” to the “War Horse”-carrots! I need to hurry up and watch “War Horse” before the Oscars! Great blog as always and I’ll try these even if I am not hosting a party! 😀

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